Having the vision to be one of the world’s leading providers of supplementary education services that produce globally competitive leaders, the president and founder of AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center, Ms. Rossana Llenado, delivered a company-wide seminar last October 19, 2016 to stoke the passion of her staff and teachers to fling themselves into rendering excellent service to AHEAD’s ever-growing clientele.

Ms. Llenado resonated to her audience the significance of time management and some personal financial strategies that have shaped what AHEAD is now.  She also discussed the history of AHEAD and its numerous accomplishments, primarily for the benefit of the new employees, but to reignite as well the fire of service among the more senior members of the team.  She inspired the whole team by showcasing to everyone the humble beginnings of AHEAD and the great feats it has accomplished over the years.  With 21 years of experience now under its belt, AHEAD is ready to champ at the bit this 2017 with more ambitious goals.

The challenges of a new year will always remain constant.  For AHEAD, handling challenges is something its staff and teachers do nothing by halves.  AHEAD aims to continue being a lead in the pack among the supplementary learning industries in the country with superior service and relevant programs that foster excellence.

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