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Ahead tutorial & review is known for it’s legacy when it comes to review and tutorial services. It’s mission vision is to help students in their academic subject and help them succeed. They are commited to help the parents who are having a hard time with their children’s education that is why they have a tutorial program. At the same time College Entrance Exams is important that is why parents invest in a quality review center.

In line with this Ahead Tutorial Service & Review has a wonderful offer to parents. They have a program that offers a money back guarantee.

Package Review + Added perks
Money back quarantee
Premium Review

16-20 Students in a class
Qualifying Exam
Free Parent Training
Free Student Seminar
Free Mind Mapping Session
Free Speed Reading Session
UPCAT Diagnostic Test
UPCAT Lecture
UPCAT Diagnostic Test Discussion
UPCAT Simulated Test
UPCAT Simulated Test Discussion
ACET Diagnostic Test
ACET Lecture
ACET Diagnostic Test Discussion
ACET Simulated Test
ACET Simulated Test Discussion
DCAT Diagnostic Test
DCAT Lecture
DCAT Diagnostic Test Discussion
DCAT Simulated Test
DCAT Simulated Test Discussion
Supplementary Review
Group Tutorial Sessions
UPCAT Daily Practice Tests (sent via Emai)
UPCAT Refresher Course
UPCAT Full Length Practice Test
ACET Daily Practice Tests (sent via Email)
ACET Refresher Course
ACET Full Length Practice Test
DCAT Daily Practice Tests (sent via Emai)
DCAT Refresher Course
DCAT Full Length Practice Test
Free Optional UST Simulated Test
Free Optional UA&P Simulated Test
Free Optional SAT/ACT Simulated Test
Take Home Review Kit
Take Home Survival Kit
Unlimited Math Exercises
Reading Comprehension Pack
Money-back Guarantee

Ahead also received numerous award since they started.