Education is evolving faster than ever, especially in this day and age. Nowadays, technology can aid children with their education. As a result, the way children are learning nowadays is different from how the older generations were educated. This makes education more challenging for parents and teachers, due to the changes brought by the Digital Age. With that, here are some tips on how parents can keep up with the digitalization of the classroom.

1. Being Open-minded

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Better to have all your readings here than in your bag

Digitalization usually includes the increased usage of gadgets in classes. Most parents are worried that the kids are overusing their gadgets. They may have a point because in some aspects of education, such as taking down notes, pen and paper still trump gadgets. This is why some college professors, like Remmon Barbaza of the ADMU Philosophy Department, would still insist that students take down notes in the traditional way. However, gadgets are still useful in education because they have their uses. For example, it is easier to have textbooks in PDF form, stored in a tablet, rather than carrying a heavy bag with multiple books. This is why parents must be open-minded with regards to educational technology. Also, the world is becoming more digital by the day, so the kids must be prepared to face a digital world.

2.Using Gadgets In Helping Your Child to Review Faster

Reviewing using gadgets can be more fun than this

Since most children nowadays are good at using their gadgets, it is good to use these in helping them learn faster. Many apps are great for this. One of these is quiz.let where a child can use games to learn their lessons. The application is designed to focus on topics which are frequently forgotten. As a result, it will continuously repeat the game until the child has mastered the topics. It is easier to retain information when you associate it with something fun or interesting, so educational games can really help the kids learn faster and retain information longer.

3. Utilizing Social Media and Search Engines

Your key to finding what you need online

Today’s children belong to an age where technology is as essential as breathing. They need to learn how to use the internet, with the aid of their parents, in looking for information. When it comes to social media, it is easy to look for relevant information by attaching a hashtag on keywords. Also, search engines like Google make it easier to search for stuff on the Net. However, parents still need to teach their kids how to use these tools, for kids need protection from the dark side of the Internet. Also, in this age of fake news, it is very important that children be taught at an early age to determine if stuff they found online is true or false. Thus, it can be said that good parenting can make a difference on the online behavior of the young.

4. Learning how to use educational technology websites

Edmodo Interface

In this digital age, it is not just the kids who are exposed to gadgets, but teachers as well, especially younger faculty members. These teachers tend to use educational technology websites/applications, such as Edmodo, Moodle, and Google Classroom to post announcements and facilitate easier submission of requirements. Even more senior faculty members, such as Ambeth Ocampo, rely on Edmodo because it helps them make their classes paperless. These sites also allow parents to log on so they can monitor their kids’ progress. Dear parents, please take advantage of these sites, since it will help you see how your children are learning. Also, it would help you make sure the kids submit their requirements on time and avoid academic mishaps.

Other Friendly Reminders

Use gadgets well in order to learn properly

In the end, the digitization of the classroom is nothing to worry about, dear parents, because it allows students to learn better, and even makes their academic life easier, for submissions can now be online. However, it is very important to remember a few things.

First, toddlers and preschoolers should not be exposed to gadgets, for psychologists, like Dr. Queena Lee-Chua, would say that letting them use these would negatively affect their development. Second, remember that gadgets cannot replace pen and paper when taking notes, since the traditional way of taking notes also involves muscle memory in retaining information. Lastly, not all teachers are open to digitizing the classroom, so it is highly important that the kids be exposed to the traditional way of learning as well. Remember all these tips, and your kids will be ready to face the challenges of both the digital and pre-digital worlds.

Edited and Revised by Daniel Francisco P. Del Rosario

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